Two Tips For Women Who Need New Figure Skating Dresses For Competitions

If you need a figure skating dress for a competition you plan to participate in, these tips should help you with this shopping goal.

Find a store that sells ladies custom skating competition dresses

You should try to find a store that specializes in making custom skating competition dresses for women and buy your garment from this shop. A custom dress that is made for your figure will not slide up or down or feel too loose or too tight. In fact, whilst skating, you won't even be conscious of the fact that you're wearing it; this means that it won't distract you at a key point in your performance and make you stumble. This is vital, as even a small blunder might lead to you losing the competition.

Additionally, if you order a custom skating competition dress from a store, you can ensure that every detail of this garment is appropriate for the piece of music to which you plan to skate at the competition. This will add to the overall beauty of your performance. For example, if you're going to have a slow and romantic love song playing whilst you perform, you could request a skating dress in a pretty, feminine hue (such as silver, pastel blue or lavender) and ensure that it includes lots of floaty ruffles and tiny, twinkling sequins, all of which will mirror the gentle and romantic tone of the music you've chosen.

Consider buying some satin gloves to wear with your skating dress

After your skating dress has been made, you should consider going on one last shopping trip in order to get a beautiful pair of satin gloves. Gloves are a great accessory to wear in a competition, as they will not only look beautiful and complement your skating dress but will also draw attention to your graceful arm and hand gestures.

Some elbow-length gloves could work well if you want to add a formal, ballgown-like look to your skating ensemble, whilst wrist-length ones might be suitable if you want them your outfit to look a bit more casual. Make sure that the gloves you buy look good with your dress (you might even want to put this garment in a bag and bring it with you into the accessory store, as this will allow you to hold it up against each pair of gloves and see which ones look best beside it).

For more information, contact a retailer that sells ladies custom skating competition outfits.