Build A Christmas Gift Basket For The Hunter In Your Life

Are you hard-pressed to come up with a gift for the hunter in your life this holiday season? How about a gift basket full of hunting-themed surprises? Just choose a crafty container from the list and then fill it up with the recommended gifts for a holiday present your hunter will love.

Choose A Containers

A standard wicker basket will work just fine for your hunter's gift basket, but for even more of a surprise, choose one of the fun holding containers below.

  • Camouflage Knapsack -- Unzip the knapsack and fold the top of it in to create a basket shape. Fill the bottom with tissue or newspaper to hold the shape before adding your gifts.
  • Beer-Holding Belt -- A beer-holding belt is worn like any other belt, but it allows easy-access to a full six-pack of your hunter's favorite beverage. Fold the belt in a circle and place a piece of cardboard inside the circle. Put a six-pack on top of the cardboard and fill the belt's six cup shapes with gifts before wrapping the creative gift basket in cellophane.
  • Deer Antlers -- Bucks shed their antlers between December and April. You can find your own by hunting your local wilderness spots this time of year, or you can find antler sheds on online auctions sites almost any time of year for about $7 to $10 a pound. Lay a large piece of cellophane down and then place one antler on top of it with the tips pointing up. Place the other antler (tips up) on top of the first one, but facing the opposite direction. Put your hunting-themed gifts in the center of the antlers before drawing the cellophane up around  them and securing it at the top with a ribbon.

Add Some Gifts

There are gifts on this list from every price range. You can include just a few, or fill the basket up with all of them!

  • Ear Protection -- At the very least, your hunter should be wearing foam earplugs to protect their hearing from loud gunshots. If you want your hunter to have the coolest ear protection available, though, consider buying them electronic ear muffs. These ear muffs will not only protect your loved one's ears by reducing loud sounds, but they will boost their hunting game by amplifying quiet sounds! Electronic ear muffs can be purchased from your local hunting supply store for $40 - $50. 
  • Tick Removal Tool -- The tick population is on the rise, and a single tick bite can transmit several different types of disease organisms at once. Worse yet, white-tailed deer are known carriers of these pesky little bugs. Make sure the hunter in your life is protected by including a tick removal tool in their gift basket. It's a good idea to also include some alcohol swabs so that your gift recipient can clean the affected area after removing a tick.
  • Hand Warmers And Wool Socks -- Keep your hunter warm on their journeys with a good pair of wool socks and plenty of hand warmers. Wool socks are a great choice for hunters because they offer more heat retention than cotton socks and also wick moisture away from the feet, keeping them dry. 
  • Flashlight -- If your loved one nails the big one, it could take them long into the evening to track it down and move it out of the woods. Make the endeavor a little easier for your hunter by giving them a quality, water-resistant flashlight to light their way.
  • Scent-Masker And Wind Indicator -- Forget about the cologne and aftershave this year; what the hunter in your life really wants is to mask their scent from the deer. Purchase some scent-masker from your local hunting supply store, and surprise your hunter by taking it a step further with a wind indicator. The wind indicator will tell them the direction of even the slightest breeze so they can stay up-wind of their target. 
  • Paracord Bracelet -- When dragging a deer out of the woods, a little extra rope could come in handy. Make sure your gift recipient has it if they need it by buying or making them a paracord bracelet. These bracelets can be unraveled in times of emergency to produce a foot of rope per inch of bracelet. So, if your hunter has a nine inch wrist, they'll have nine extra feet or rope at their disposal!

If you've got a hard-to-shop-for hunter on your Christmas gift list, make them a hunting-themed holiday gift basket. You'll have fun assembling it and you'll get all the credit for nailing the best gift of the season. Go to websites that specialize in hunting supplies for additional ideas.