Understanding E-Cigarette Etiquette

Since their introduction, e-cigarettes have quickly become a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products. These innovative devices offer a different and comparatively non-intrusive way of smoking. Despite these advantages, it pays to be mindful of where and when you smoke, as many people still see e-cigarettes the same way they see their traditional counterparts.

Considerate Behavior Pays Off

A recent study found that 63 percent of respondents weren't bothered by someone lighting up an e-cigarette near them. However, there are still plenty of people who might be annoyed by it and you should be aware of those who might not take kindly to an otherwise harmless activity.

This is where e-cig etiquette comes into play. By knowing when and where it's appropriate to take a drag, you help keep the peace among those who'd object to the practice. Consideration is the key when it comes to using your device in public spaces and elsewhere.

Common Etiquette Tips

As more people understood the dangers of cigarette smoking, the actual practice gained a well-earned stigma that continues to this day. Unfortunately, many of the same stigmas surrounding traditional cigarettes are commonly applied to e-cigarettes in spite of their merits.

Respect and courtesy are essential for using your e-cigarettes around others. After all, you don't want to cause unnecessary trouble or misunderstandings while vaping. Here's a general list of do's and don'ts you'll want to keep in mind as you use your e-cigarettes:

  • Don't use e-cigarettes on trains, planes or subways.
  • Don't use your e-cigarette inside of retail shops or banks.
  • Don't use your e-cigarette near places where children are close by, such as day care centers, birthday parties or school events.
  • Refrain from using your e-cigarettes during movies and live performances. If you have to, do so during the intermission and find a discrete place to vape.
  • Ask if you can use your e-cigarette inside of an establishment beforehand. Some businesses may be understanding of e-cigarette use and give you the OK, but it's important that you ask first.
  • If you're in close proximity to someone in public, ask if they'd mind if you used your e-cigarette or find a discrete area to take a puff.
  • Keep the mist down to a moderate level if you're out vaping in public. Large clouds of smoke can be distracting to others.

Generally speaking, if you see a "No Smoking" sign in an establishment or a public space, then chances are you might not want to use your e-cigarette there unless you've been given the go-ahead by management.

Education Helps

Because most e-cigarettes still look like ordinary cigarettes and they emit a vapor that looks like cigarette smoke, these devices are often treated like cigarettes in the eyes of the public. Fortunately, a growing number of people are learning more about the positive benefits that e-cigarettes offer. The more they learn about them, the more positive imagery and support e-cigarettes gain in the public eye.

You can do your part by educating those around you about how e-cigs work and why they're not as harmful as one would think. If someone's curious about your e-cigarette, get more info and tell them how it works and the benefits it offers. In most cases, that person will walk away knowing more about e-cigs than they did earlier. If you're lucky, you may even gain a convert to the innovative trend.

Education can also help put other people's fears to rest when it comes to e-cigarettes. For example, recent studies have shown that secondhand e-cigarette vapor contains as many contaminants as the air you already breathe on a daily basis. Using this knowledge can help encourage people to accept e-cigarettes as a safe activity in comparison to smoking traditional cigarettes.