Are You Decorating Your Dining Room?

Are you excited that you can finally decorate your dining room? Perhaps you have focused on buying furniture and other decor for the rooms that are used more in your house, knowing that the time would come when the dining room would get attention, too. With the holidays upon us, you might have decided that this is the perfect time to decorate your dining room and to have friends and family members over for a special holiday feast. If that's the case, from selecting a vintage Moroccan rug as your focal point to adding furniture and other decor, here are some ideas that might help you. 

Vintage Moroccan Rug - If you want to establish a truly unique look in your dining room, perhaps you have decided to buy a vintage Moroccan rug to begin your decorating project. Vintage Moroccan rugs are probably more affordable than you thought they would be, and there are many styles from which to make your choice. The great thing about Moroccan rugs is that the one you select will more than likely compliment any of the other decor and furniture you select. Do you want a dramatic look in your dining room? If so, think about buying a Moroccan rug that includes many colors in the design. For a more subtle look, consider selecting a Moroccan rug of lighter shades, perhaps browns and off-white in the pattern. 

Your Moroccan rug will probably last for many years. Just vacuum it regularly and, if extra attention is needed, use a very gentle cleanser and a soft cloth to spot clean it. Professionals will know how to clean your Moroccan rug, too. 

The Other Decor - Are you wanting an elegant look in your dining room? If so, consider buying dining room furniture of an intricate design. For a more contemporary look, think of buying metal for your table and chairs. Or, choose a wooden table with straight, sleek lines and add metal chairs that will complement the wooden table. Perhaps you are wanting a rustic look in your dining room. If that's the case, then heavy wooden furniture, maybe even Mexican wooden furniture, will probably be your best choice. When you select the upholstery for your dining room chairs, think of selecting colors or a pattern that will complement your vintage Moroccan rug. For example, if the rug you selected has cranberry as the predominant color, consider selecting cranberry colored upholstery.