3 Easy Ways To Make Using Medical Marijuana A More Enjoyable Experience

Whether your pain and suffering is due to an injury or illness, medical marijuana can help relieve your uncomfortable symptoms and help you manage them so they don't become too unbearable as time goes on. Here are a few easy ways to make using your medical marijuana a more enjoyable experience overall:

Cook With It

One fun way to use your medical marijuana is to cook with it. You can simply grind it up in a coffee grinder or blender, and then put it into foods that you enjoy throughout the day. If you need a dose during breakfast, throw a bud in your smoothie mix before blending it or pour a dash of ground marijuana into your pancake mix.

You can add ground medical marijuana to your marinara sauce and ground beef, or use it as a seasoning on your steak and chicken after cooking it. You can also melt a bunch of butter or coconut oil in a big pot, add some medical marijuana, and simmer the concoction for an hour or so to make marijuana butter. The butter can be spread on toast or used in your favorite baked goods like cookies, brownies, and cakes.

Blend Your Strains

Blending multiple strains together is another easy way to have some extra fun with your medical marijuana. Whether you grow your own medical marijuana or you purchase it from a local dispensary, consider buying more than one strain at a time so you can take them home and create different custom blends.

By doing so, you can expect to enjoy different flavors and effects than you would if you were to consume one strain at a time on its own. For instance you may find that a strain works medicinally well but doesn't offer the flavor you like. Just blend it with a strain that you enjoy the flavor of to get the taste and effects that you're looking for.

Buy a Fun Glitter Pipe

Consider buying a glass glitter pipe from a place like Foco Funktional to make smoking your medical marijuana more enjoyable as time goes on. Unlike other glass pipes, glitter pipes are filled with water and glitter which gives them a fluid look that constantly changes as it's picked up and put down.

Look for a glitter spoon pipe that can be put in your freezer so you can freeze it before use. Freezing the pipe will make the smoke feel cool as you inhale it and minimize the irritation that might come with smoking over time.