Whip Up Your Own Tasty Pretzel Treats To Enjoy Or Share With Gluten-Free Soft Pretzel Mix

Who does not enjoy the soft and chewy goodness of a soft pretzel? Fortunately, with gluten-free soft pretzel mix, enjoying a yummy soft pretzel is no longer a thing of the past for those on gluten-restricted diets. Soft pretzels are great when served as a snack or can be used as part of a meal when paired with other foods or tasty toppings.

Have it your way

The great thing about having gluten-free pretzel mix in the cupboard is you will know a wonderful snack is always nearby and ready to prepare. Whether you prefer regular soft pretzels, jumbo pretzels, pretzel logs, or pretzel bites, you can use pretzel mix to whip up your favorite treats with minimal time and effort.

Pretzel bites

Pretzel bites are great for an after-school snack for the kids or to tuck in a lunchbox in place of potato chips. Kids love caramel or cheddar cheese dip, so adding a prepacked cup of these toppings will make the treat even more special. Pretzel bites are also great for party platters when you are hosting a party, to share in the office breakroom, or take to a potluck. 

Jumbo pretzels

Great for a snack anytime, jumbo soft pretzels are perfect for those times when you need a comforting snack that is both filling and satisfying. They are also great for sharing with a friend or loved one when watching your favorite movie or TV show. Spread your pretzel with peanut butter, cream cheese, melted chocolate, or fruit spread to make your treat even more enjoyable.

Pretzel logs

Excellent for dipping, gluten-free pretzel logs are sure to be a hit with everyone. Serve with hummus, ranch dip, or honey mustard dip for a tasty, any-time treat. Brushed with garlic butter, they make a great substitute for bread sticks and can be paired with your favorite Italian entrees or dipped in your favorite soup.

Give as a gift

Make gluten-free soft pretzels to give as a gift or create your own unique gift by purchasing a package of gluten-free soft pretzel mix, a baking sheet, and a variety of toppings. Place the pretzel mix and toppings on the baking sheet, wrap in clear cellophane wrap, and secure with a bow for an attractive gift. 

Whether you are making soft pretzels for yourself or a loved one, having plenty of gluten-free soft pretzel mix on hand will make it easy to prepare a wonderful treat everyone will love. Delicious and versatile, gluten-free soft pretzels can be topped with a variety of toppings or simply enjoyed plain. They are a satisfying snack that will please the whole family. Contact a local supplier, such as Mom's Place Gluten Free, to learn more.