Make A Statement: Five Ways To Wear Large Pendants And Necklaces

A statement necklace does exactly that: it makes a statement regarding your personal style. These necklaces and pendants are usually the key attraction of an outfit or ensemble. So, how do you wear a statement necklace or large pendant properly and stylishly—and what do you wear it with?   

Five ways to wear a beautiful statement necklace are: 

 1. Paired with Turtlenecks

A great way to show off and highlight a beautiful pendant or statement necklace is simply with a turtleneck. A solid color turtleneck top provides an excellent background for the piece so that intricate detailing or precious stones are clearly visible. For instance, wearing a black turtleneck sweater with a sterling and turquoise necklace is a great pairing for the office—or even a special occasion.  

2. For Holiday Haute

Speaking of special occasions, wear a large pendant statement necklace for the holidays this year, too. During cooler months, add some sparkle to wake up winter outfits. Adding the right statement necklace can also take a regular work outfit into night, perfect for office parties or get-togethers. Coordinate the necklace with other aspects of your attire but keep other jewelry minimal for optimal impact.  

3. With Basic Black

A monochromatic color scheme is another way to wear a statement necklace that enhances your overall appearance. This draws the eye to the pendant or necklace, without the distraction of a lot of colors and patterns. A great example is with a little black cocktail dress but keep other jewelry at a minimum and accessories simple.  

4. Lots of Layers

Try layering your pendant with other statement pieces, chains, or necklaces that you have in your collection. Use varying lengths—from 16", 18", and up—to create depth and visual interest. The look is trendy and contemporary, and very distinctive paired with both casual outfits and more dressy attire. In this instance, go ahead and add some rings and other accessories to complete your look.  

5. Top a Tee

Elevate and dress up a tee shirt with a statement necklace; choose fun graphic tees or go with solid color V-neck tees to highlight your pendant. These look great under a blazer or denim jacket for a business-casual outfit that is stylish, chic, and modern. 

Make the most of your special statement necklaces and pendants with these five tips and ways to wear them. Invest in signature pieces that will stand the test of time, including semi-precious stones like turquoise, for the most wearability.   

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