4 Tips For Purchasing Runner Rugs

Rugs can add warmth and appeal to your living situation. When many people think of rugs, they think of area rugs designed to cover the living room, bedroom, or dining room floors. However, your hallways can also benefit from a few carefully chosen runner rugs. Here are four tips that can help you purchase the perfect runner rug: 

1. Choose the right length

Runner rugs have a long and narrow design that makes them ideal for decorating hallways and corridors. When choosing a runner rug, you should first measure the length of your hallway to ensure that you do not end up purchasing a rug that is too long or too short. An ideal runner rug will comfortably span your hallway without bunching up or leaving gaps. Once you find a length of runner rug that you enjoy, you should write down its dimensions for future reference.

2. Consider your lifestyle

When picking out a new rug, it's important to consider your lifestyle. Children and pets can expose runner rugs to dirt and grime from little feet and paws. People with kids, animals, and active lifestyles should look for runner rugs that are washable. Dark colors and patterned rugs may also hide dirt and stains better than their light-colored counterparts. If you choose a white or cream-colored runner rug, you should be prepared to do a little more upkeep to keep it looking fantastic.

3. Pick a coordinating or contrasting color

A runner rug's color will determine a lot about its visual appeal. When shopping for runner rugs, you can look for colors that complement your decor's pre-existing hues. Matching your rug to the color of the walls in your hallway can create a beautifully cohesive effect. Of course, you can also create a wonderful design by purchasing a runner rug in a contrasting color. Contrasting colors can offer a pop of interest that draws the eye and makes your hallway feel more exciting.

4. Coordinate the rugs throughout your house

Finally, when purchasing runner rugs, you should consider the rugs you already have in your home. Some furniture manufacturers sell rugs in sets, which can allow you to get a runner rug that matches your area rugs. You may also want to purchase the same style of runner rug for every corridor in your house. This can make your interior design look intentional instead of haphazard, immediately boosting the appeal of the inside of your house or apartment.

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