Say “I Do” With A Nod - Personalized Bobbleheads

So you're getting married. There are so many things to decide and plan, but you know that you want every aspect of your wedding to be unique and truly your own.

So you pick a dress and a venue, hire the florist and the caterer, and pick out your cake flavors. But what are you going to put on top of the cake? You can go traditional or sentimental, or you can go with something fun.

Enter the personalized bobblehead. You can create a personalized bobblehead for your wedding cake topper that serves as a perfect reflection of you as a couple.

Reasons to Choose a Personalized Bobblehead as Your Cake Topper

1. It is unique.

Nobody else will have the exact same cake topper as you, even if they also do bobbleheads. Many bobbleheads are customized from head-to-toe based on photos that you provide. The dress, the tux, the stance, the hidden fun items--you can personally customize your bobbleheads down to the way the head shakes. Your bobbleheads will be one of a kind.

2. It is fun and romantic.

Wedding planning can cause a lot of little tiffs and fights between the soon-to-be newlyweds. One person wants white cake and the other wants chocolate. Aunt Margie can't sit next to Grandma Jo or Uncle Albert. Take some time from making these important decisions to sit down and create your bobblehead cake topper. You will find out just how much your partner notices about you and what he/she loves the most. It will help you to stop bickering and remember just why you are pledging your lives to each other.

3. It will make people remember.

Everybody wants their wedding to be special and remembered by the attendees. But when multiple couples in your circle are getting married, how are you going to make your wedding stand out from the crowd? Unique touches will be remembered by your guests long after your wedding is over, and personalized cake topper bobbleheads will definitely be something people are talking about for a long time.

In addition, you might want to think about personalized bobbleheads as a wedding favor for your guests. You don't have to go as in-depth as you do for your cake topper--a lot of businesses sell bobbleheads that can be customized just by inserting a picture onto the bobblehead's face. These fun and adorable bobbleheads could sit on your friends' mantles or work desks for years to come.

So when you are overwhelmed with wedding planning and not sure what to do for your cake topper, take a peek at personalized bobbleheads. These unique items will make your wedding a little more festive and fun.

Talk to a company like Webobble to learn more.