Some Joke Gift Ideas For Your Coworker

Choosing the right gift for a coworker can be difficult because you don't want it to be too personal or expensive. Buying something lighthearted or funny is often the best way to go. Plus, joke gifts are usually easy to find. Here are some joke gift ideas that can brighten your coworker's day.

Funny Coffee Mugs

If your coworker is always drinking coffee or some other beverage at their desk, then a funny coffee mug is the way to go. Your choices are nearly endless. You can buy mugs shaped like different things such as a toilet, shoe, or cat. You could find a mug that matches your coworker's interests, such as one shaped like an alien. Rather than buying a mug with a unique shape, you could opt for a traditional mug printed with a funny saying that will get a lot of laughs around the office. You can even have one of these custom made. This might be a good choice if your coworker has a pet phrase that he or she says frequently and you want it printed on the cup.

Bizarre Food Gifts

Food gifts can be funny too. You could buy unique foods for your coworker to eat, such as candies that taste bitter or chips that have exotic flavors. Snacks packaged in other countries are sometimes funny when their English translation on the package misses the mark. Other food gifts are just meant to be funny and not eaten. This might be a can of unicorn meat or a bottle of chill pills. You can customize your gift toward your coworker's favorite food. If they love bacon, you'll have an easy time finding bacon gag gifts. You could buy a tie that looks like raw bacon, bacon bandages, or even bacon-flavored mints.

Humorous Office Supplies

If you want to keep your gift related to the office, you can look for pens made in funny shapes such as chickens, golf clubs, or corn cobs. You can also find pens inscribed with funny sayings that will make your coworker smile every time he or she sees it. If a mouse pad would be a useful gift, you could buy one printed with a cartoon scene or funny joke that you know your coworker would appreciate. You could give a tiny notepad with funny sayings, or a desk sign or statue printed with a joke you know your coworker will appreciate. Gifts that hint at a mean boss or being overworked are usually easy to find and can bring some humor to the office.