Signs That Your Child Is Ready For A Shark Pillow

A shark pillow is an exciting gift to give your child for his or her birthday, at the conclusion of the school year, or for no real reason at all. Before you give this gift, however, you want to be sure that your child is ready for it. Sharks are scary creatures for some children, and the last thing that you want is for your child to get nervous about the shark pillow — which could be possible if the pillow has a lifelike appearance and the child has a vivid imagination. Before you buy this gift for your child, here are some signs that will indicate that the child is ready.

The Child Has Other Animal Pillows

Lots of children love wild animals, which may mean that your child has other pillows that depict various creatures. For example, your child might have a pillow with an image of a tiger on it. Take note of how your child feels about this pillow. For example, if he or she loves the pillow and takes it to bed with him or her each night, it's a good sign that your child isn't afraid of the wild animal that the pillow depicts. This can be an indicator that your child is ready for a shark pillow, too.

The Child Is Passionate About Sharks

Many children develop deep interests in different topics, including various wild animals. A child who is interested in sharks may watch documentaries about this sea creature, have shark-themed clothing, and frequently read shark books. When your child has this degree of interest, it's a safe bet that he or she isn't afraid of sharks — at least not in the safety of home. As such, your child will likely be thrilled with the gift of a shark pillow.

The Child Has Experience With Another Shark Pillow

It's possible that your child has a friend or a cousin who has a kid's shark toy pillow — and often gets a chance to play with it while visiting that person. This interaction can instill a deep desire in your child to have his or her own shark pillow. Whether your child actually asks you for a shark pillow or simply talks about this plushy toy enough that you get the hint to buy it, you can feel confident buying this type of pillow if your child has had positive experiences with a shark pillow that someone else owns.