Are You Looking for the Perfect New Parent Gift? 3 Reasons to Give a Giraffe Plushie and Children’s Book Set

Showering new parents with all of the supplies they need to start caring for their baby is a wonderful way to welcome a newborn to the world. While most new parents are eagerly stocking up on things like diapers and feeding supplies, they sometimes overlook the little things that make raising a child so much fun. This is where you have the biggest opportunity to give them a gift that they'll love for years. As you get ready to pick out a new baby gift, consider these reasons why a giraffe plushie and children's book set is a perfect surprise. 

Help Them Start Building Their Child's Library

Many adults gave their childhood books away years ago, and it takes time to build up a library. It is also common for new parents to have no idea about how to get started picking out age-appropriate books that will tap into their child's early literacy needs. A book set designed for children gives new parents two new things to add to their child's library. They'll naturally enjoy watching as their child's understanding of the book develops as they grow. The excited parents can also use the plushie as a puppet to show their baby that reading together is fun.

Match the New Nursery Theme 

Buying a gift for the new parents can sometimes be challenging since you might not know the theme for their nursery. A giraffe plushie and children's picture book set works well with many different themes. Whether the new parents picked out jungle animals to deck out the nursery or are going with a global look, a giraffe fits into many different themes. You'll also love that this book set option is gender-neutral. Whether the new parents are waiting to be surprised or just prefer a gender-neutral parenting philosophy, your gift will fit right in with their preferences.

Inspire a Loving Bedtime Ritual

Today's new parents are often encouraged to start creating a bedtime ritual with their babies as soon as possible. Although the newborn likely won't sleep through the night for a while, the new parents can still enjoy reading a story to them as they snuggle in their favorite chair. Having a fun book on hand along with a soft toy gives parents everything they need to start a bedtime read-aloud right away. You never know, your favorite parents-to-be might even stash their new book set in their hospital bag for those snuggly first moments in their child's life.