Decorative Kitchen Items Ideal For Border Collie Owners

When pet owners love a specific breed, you can celebrate their favorite pets with gifts. Kitchen decor provides a great gift that a person can display and admire for years into the future. If you have any border collie owners in your life, then consider a themed gift specifically made for kitchen areas.

Check out some border collie-themed gifts and use the ideas to decide on which gifts you may purchase in the future.

Border Collie Magnets

Provide a nice refrigerator decoration with a border collie magnet. Many animal magnet designs include 3D shapes of the animal to highlight details like their fur and body shape. Typically, you will find two options when you shop for border collie magnets. The first is a full-body magnet that showcases the whole dog.

The second is a typical border collie head. With just the head, the magnet will focus on more details like the painted fur, nose, and eyes of the dog.

Border Collie Figurines

Small figurines make ideal kitchen decorations. Display figurines on a window sill or small shelf. A person could also display the figurines as a centerpiece at the kitchen table. Figure designs of border collies come in multiple shapes and sizes. You could purchase a figurine that showcases a collie in an active position.

Some figurines feature a collie in a peaceful laying position. Look at all the options before you make your find decision on the pose you want. You also have the options of a smooth figurine or a flocked figurine. A flocked figurine features faux fur that a person can touch. The fur makes the figurine look more realistic.

Border Collie Wall Clocks

A staple of kitchen decor is the wall clock. Purchase a wall clock with a border collie design in the center. Some designs may include a single piece of border collie art while others feature a collage of border collie pictures. As you shop for border collie owner gifts, be sure to check out the size of the clock to know how big the design will look on a wall.

Also check to see if the clock plugs in or runs on batteries. This way, you will know what display options a person has for their wall.

Border Collie Coaster Tiles

Many home owners rely on coasters to prevent drink rings and to protect furniture. Infuse some dog themes into the design with the purchase of border collie coaster tiles. Tile designs may include unique artwork that features border collies faces or full bodies. A whole set could include a different design on each coaster.

Shop around to find unique gifts ideal for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations. For help finding border collie-themed gifts, contact a company like Pet-Ts.