How To Dress Your Oliphant Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a very comfortable option for those who want to wear something loose and still stylish. If you have been checking out Oliphant maxi dresses, you may be wondering how to style them appropriately.

These are some items you might want to buy alongside your Oliphant maxi dress to get the best results.

Add a Belt

A subtle belt can add a lot of shape to your maxi dress. Maxi dresses can often be shaped more like a square, and you might want to tighten the dress against your body. A belt helps snatch your waist so that you can accentuate your curves.

Put on Sneakers

Sneakers can bring down the formality of the dress you buy. You don't need strappy sandals or heels to look good in a maxi dress, and a pair of sneakers can really bring your outfit down to a more casual style. Gray, black, and white shoes are all great options, but brown can really accentuate different colors in your dress.

Pop On a Denim Jacket

A denim jacket can add a lot of flavor to any maxi dress. Denim jackets can make a maxi dress feel more casual, which puts you in the right outfit for an informal lunch date or a trip to the beach. Additionally, a denim jacket will cinch off the top of the body to create the appearance of longer legs.

Add a Heel

So, what if you do want to make your dress look a bit more formal? The same dress can be styled up with a bit of a heel. Many of these dresses can be styled up with new heels so that you can feel comfortable for a formal wedding or dinner. Whether you choose stylish black pumps or chunk statement platforms, your maxi dress will look gorgeous on the dance floor.

Buy a Maxi Dress With a Slit

A slit in the leg of your maxi dress will accentuate your legs and make them look longer. The slit also pairs well with a jacket and gives you the appearance of a more formal look. Slitted dresses are great options for spring and summer weddings outside.

Shop for Maxi Dresses Today

You have many options available for maxi dresses. As you shop for new dresses and ways to style them, you will be happy to see how many colors, patterns, and lengths are really available. Check out Oliphant maxi dresses to learn more about your options.