Tips For Giving Gift Baskets To Corporate Clients

In the corporate world, sending a gift basket to a client is a great way to say "thank you for your business" or "it's been nice working with you." You might send such a gift basket after meeting a potential client for the first time or after a client brings you new business. Sending a gift basket isn't difficult, but there are a few tips you'll want to follow in a corporate situation like this.

Have the gift basket sent directly

You might be tempted to save a little money by going out, shopping for a gift basket, and sending that gift basket through the mail to your client. However, shipping gift baskets in a way that prevents them from becoming damaged isn't easy. You might save a few dollars with this approach, but the gift basket could arrive damaged, which would be embarrassing. You should instead have the gift basket sent directly to your client by a gift basket company. These professionals know how to package all of their gift baskets in the most protective, effective ways. 

Choose a gift basket that would appeal to most people 

There are times when a specialty gift basket containing something like niche lotions or horror movies might be appropriate — but not for a corporate client. You may or may not know what some people in the company like. But chances are, the items in the gift basket are going to be shared among people at the company. So, you want to choose items that will appeal to most people. A gift basket full of snacks, chocolate, popcorn, or candy would be a good choice, for instance.

Bigger is often better

Don't spend more than your business can afford to spend, but don't be too restrictive, either. It is often worth paying a little more for a somewhat larger gift basket. Not only will this be more impressive to your client, but it will ensure the business owners and executives are better able to share the contents of the basket. If you were to send a basket with just three bags of popcorn, for instance, that would be harder to share than one with ten bags.

Keep the tips above in mind when ordering a gift basket for a corporate client. A gift basket can be a really great gift to send in this situation, but there are a few intricacies to consider. 

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