Don’t Go Running This Winter without the Proper Gear

Are you trying to get into long-distance running? While that's certainly admirable, you don't want to start your hobby ill-prepared, especially during the winter. If you are going to start training outdoors for your first marathon or some other long-distance race, make sure you have the right gear to get you through the winter months without suffering frostbite. Here are just some of the things every serious runner needs to survive the elements. Read More 

Found A Lot Of Old Coins In The Attic? How To Protect And Store Your Currency Stash

If you have a collection of coins that you have inherited or found among piles of discarded items in a family storage area, you could find yourself with some valuable objects that you can sell for a nice chunk of cash. However, before you sell the coins to a dealer, you may need to clean and store them properly. You want to protect the coins so you can obtain a good price from a coin dealer. Read More 

Stop Tolerating Your Workout: Beginner’s Strategies For Enjoyable Exercise

Honestly, there is nothing glamorous or amazing about starting a new fitness routine. If you're moving from sedentary living to a more active lifestyle, you may find you start to dread working out because it makes you tired, bored, sore, or uncomfortable. Unfortunately, when you're first starting out, workouts can be a chore. However, by doing a few things right, you can raise the enjoyment factor until you actually start looking forward to hitting the gym. Read More 

Tungsten, Titanium And Stainless Steel: Which Material Is Right For Your Wedding Band?

Gold and platinum are two of the most popular materials from which men's wedding bands are made. However, many men are looking for alternatives to these materials. Not only are they expensive, but they easily scratch and can lose their shape over time. Luckily, there are three materials that are cheaper and more durable. These materials are tungsten, titanium and stainless steel. If you are considering these materials, you may want to know which is right for you. Read More 

Looking To Buy A Used Firearm? 3 Reasons You Can Use A Pawnshop With Confidence

If you're looking to get a good deal on a used firearm, you might be considering a pawnshop. After all, most things at a pawnshop are available for much less money than at a regular retail store. You might also find some really cool, unique, and even antique pieces for sale at prices much lower than you would even pay through online auction or classified ads sites. Yet, many people have a concern about whether or not the firearm they are considering purchasing at a pawnshop is legal. Read More