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Collect Coins? Why Your Collection Needs A New Appraisal

If you own a coin collection, you need an accurate appraisal. Without it, you don't know what your collection is worth. If you haven't had your coins appraised, you need to arrange for one as soon as possible. If you're not sure you need an appraisal, read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to invest in an appraisal of your coin collection.  Update the Records When you collect coins, you need to keep your records straight. Read More 

Make A Statement: Five Ways To Wear Large Pendants And Necklaces

A statement necklace does exactly that: it makes a statement regarding your personal style. These necklaces and pendants are usually the key attraction of an outfit or ensemble. So, how do you wear a statement necklace or large pendant properly and stylishly—and what do you wear it with?    Five ways to wear a beautiful statement necklace are:   1. Paired with Turtlenecks A great way to show off and highlight a beautiful pendant or statement necklace is simply with a turtleneck. Read More 

Tips For Giving Gift Baskets To Corporate Clients

In the corporate world, sending a gift basket to a client is a great way to say "thank you for your business" or "it's been nice working with you." You might send such a gift basket after meeting a potential client for the first time or after a client brings you new business. Sending a gift basket isn't difficult, but there are a few tips you'll want to follow in a corporate situation like this. Read More 

How To Dress Your Oliphant Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a very comfortable option for those who want to wear something loose and still stylish. If you have been checking out Oliphant maxi dresses, you may be wondering how to style them appropriately. These are some items you might want to buy alongside your Oliphant maxi dress to get the best results. Add a Belt A subtle belt can add a lot of shape to your maxi dress. Read More 

4 Types Of Items Found In Liquidation Sales

Liquidation sales are a great way to find bargains and save money on high-end items. You may shop for personal items or seek out bulk items to sell at your own store, whether you own a physical store or sell products online. If you're new to the world of liquidation sales, then there are four key types of items to look for. Learn about the items and what to look for when you shop liquidation item sales. Read More